Precision Poured Concrete screeds offer a range of ready to lay traditional and high performance cement :We offer three types of floor screed, Standard Screed, Fibre Screed and Fast Setting Screed. Delivered direct to site or collected from your local depot, in small or large quantities and at competitive prices to meet your exact requirements. With a range of vehicle types and delivery methods at our disposal we are confident that we can deliver your screed where you need it, when you need it.

Our ready-mixed Fibre Screed features polypropylene strengthening fibres mixed throughout the product.

The use of fibres increases tensional strength, impact resistance and overall durability, whilst inhibiting plastic shrinkage cracking, settlement cracking, and thermal cracking induced by freeze / thaw cycles.

Precision Poured Concrete fibre screed is the reliable choice. All our specialist floor screed mixes are produced to the relevant European standards for a fast and reliable service

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