Delivering your Barrow Mix Concrete

Our mission is to provide you with your Barrow Mix Concrete efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Therefore you will need to know the dimensions of both our delivery trucks and the access area itself. Below are the measurements of our vehicles…

Truck dimensions

We deliver our Barrow Mix Concrete in 6.0 metre / 19.685 feet motorised concrete chute. This chute allows us to deliver the concrete exactly where you need it. Ideal for projects with limited site access. These are the dimensions you need to allow for;

Width: 2.5 metres without mirrors, 2.85 metres with mirrors

Height: 4.0 metres

Length: 7.45 metres

Weight: 26 tonnes

Discharge distances from back lights of the truck mixer are:

First Chute: 0.94 metres

Second Chute: 1.53 metres

Third Chute: 2.74 metres

Note: If your site’s dimensions cannot accommodate our delivery vehicle, we do offer a FREE barrowing service. If in doubt, call us as detailed below and our expert team will happily advise you…

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