About our Barrow Service

We are happy to offer a wheelbarrow service, however please be aware that we do not offer mix on site/volumetric service, the concrete will be delivered Ready mixed in one of our traditional type drum mixers. There are advantages and disadvantages with both types so please be aware of the following:-

  • You will need to order a specific amount, don’t worry we can help you work it out.
  • If you under order we might not be able to come back to you on the same day so its always worth ordering a little bit over, we wont charge you to return any left over but you must pay for what you order.
  • We can deliver up to 6 cubic m3 in a single load
  • Concrete is Quality Assured to British Standard Kitemark (you can view our certificate under the Accreditations section of this site)
  • As the concrete is produced at our yard there is a lot less mess at your site

Great. Anything else I should know?

Our mission is to provide the every best customer service in the concrete supply industry. That’s why, amongst other services, we’re happy to provide a 100% FREE barrow service. However, for health and safety reasons (and since a barrow full of concrete weighs some 150kg), we have a responsibility to make our customers aware of our policy on all Barrow Mix Concrete deliveries;

  • The ground / surface needs to be firm and flat
  • Maximum barrow run of thirty metres
  • We won’t be able to barrow up or down steep gradients
  • We won’t be able to barrow up or down steps
  • We allow ten minutes per cubic metre as a rough guide
  • We cannot barrow above ground to roofs, through windows etc
  • We ONLY barrow, we do not lay or ‘tamp’ concrete

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